This is our journey. And our love, will sail us through.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Women who flutter in the sky.

Darkness devours my palms, she says
And it inebriates her with a divine madness that finally
She cannot be seen and
Nothing on her body can ever be figured.
Not the ghosts she sleeps with in the warmth of wet butt cheeks..
Or the curling fantasies that leak on her pillows in a streaking maroon
That also plops in her skirt. On her penis. On her nicotine numbed lips.
And she imagines that a mirror is a spitting mirage and all her
Fears would be shaved soon, the next morning.
So, laugh at the body you see.
Anyways it is not yours and she lets the
The air enter her, unwrapping all her skins..
The one she wears
And the one she burns.
The one she shields, the one she flushes down the commode.
The air impregnates her…
She bloats up like a balloon and starts to levitate…
A thread
Lost in a neon sky.
It all starts to shimmer slowly…
A woman whirling in a moonless sky
Her eyes lost in her own face
Inverted inside like melted spoons
To lurk in an alien body.

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