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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Photo Album

Mornings in Goa should not be missed during weekdays. Because when you are lost in daily grind..and everything seems wan. Wistfully laid on your mind...
Goa mornings were of slapping sea and a cup of mild coffee. Your Bitsy The Bee on table and a pack of Win cigarettes. Everything seemed perfect because it is away. And you come back thinking, you can handle everything now because the sun baked coins in your pockets jump insanely. Your skin is gorgeously tanned. Your head is drunk but you know you are awake. Your legs mince waves as you jostle through them, standing between the shore and the sky is a blooming blue flower on the tip of your nose. Skin is deeply warm. Sea is salty.

Your toes are muddy and beach dogs lick it gratuitously, like a melting ice cream.

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