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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Going back and forth

Hello lovahs!

You know what? I can't believe that I once underestimated the power of old notebooks. It's a major fuck up and now I have leaned- If I feel low, go to old pictures. Few days back, I nestled into my wooden cabinet and scrounged for old diaries, drawing pads and incomplete canvases. Some of the doodles and scribbles in these books were shockingly honest, even for me and I couldn't relate to some of them (to certain things, that I have grown over now. We do right?) or they made dreamy or made feel all puffed up and evolved. But largely, going back to nostalgia was a very creative experience because there were things I could complete in a better way now or had more ideas to shoot over it.

Okay! forget all that sensibly-growing-reflecting-artist part, the best thing about peeking into these diaries is, you have a lot of fun. You can giggle at your inanities, the things you messed up with or descriptions of some hot guy who sat next to you in college but, you have never had the vagina (and balls) to speak it out. The books you loved, the places you went to- it's your history, mahn! You wrote it. Here are some of the better paintings/doodles/mixed media bits I found in that world and they just help you in moving stronger ahead.

Just close your eyes and let that laughter, pen scratches ring through your ears.

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