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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Doodles, watercolors and hearts

Sometimes when I am drawing, I have this intense urge to eat colors. Do you ever feel it? Well, I always do and especially when I was making these fishies:) There is this girl in my life, big eyed, smelling like dreams and she is responsible for this fish infection but now, I know how beautiful it is. I usually draw fishes and beaches because I miss them so much. I am a world away from the coast now and its summer, heat flashes and Rajasthani sun all over but fortunately, it rained that day. Dust was perfumed. Windows were wet and I had fishes on my pad:)

This is another version of the fishes above. I want to do a bigger version of them someday. Probably, a big blue sea, rolling waves, sun and smiling fishes. I am going to send one of them to my Fish Infection girl. I am sure she will like it, or at least I am going to affirm this here.

I started drawing this one, thinking of one of my old English teachers. She was pretty, wore flowers and had long curly hair. She was one of the reasons, I always wanted to have curly ringlets but of course, I never managed to have them but maybe one day, I will..:P

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