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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The other side

Like all insane cities, YouTube has its hidden corner.

It won’t load up on your video suggestions (until you type something really beautiful), won’t bubble at the bottom window and certainly, none of the user comments are going to be useful but magically enough, I have discovered it and promise to not let go of it until it grows paws and claws me back through the screen. I felt like a virtual Alice in a real wonderland (that was cheesy) where trees sang with Mishka, brick walls were ruined by Azealia Banks and mirrors played music from steam, unheard voices, new songs- untitled. One crazily, beautifully, hypnotically talented artist led to another and the chain went on but I kept scratching one question- Where has this world been, all this while? And why don’t we hear more about these names when their talent is so raw, it could slit your skin.

All the artists on this sunny, foggy side are either upcoming artists or underground performers or have made it big and now want to forget it. If you don’t believe me, start browsing artists like Hindi Zahra or Sleigh Bells or Mishka (how much I love him! I wish could marry) and see the suggestions that load up. It’s explosive.

This was the only and the single reason I braved boring meetings on Saturdays at my first office and after they were done, I would spend the entire afternoon making my headphones orgasm repeatedly. I know the young ones are taking over slowly, Azealia Banks is causing a lot of well-deserved noise and so are Sleigh Bells and Rye-Rye . One thing that binds all these artists is their quirky sense of individuality and a passionate gamble at their vision. They are not afraid of being original and their PR managers (if they have one) can’t trick them into trying a Katy Perry or learning polished antics for interviews. Of course, all of them aren’t as ‘underground’ as I hyped them, some of them have thirteen thousand followers on Twitter and are making it on magazine covers but as compared to the million Vevo snippets of Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and other scum sores, these ones are practically invisible but certainly, there and threatening. We should agree that YouTube is not just a media-sharing venue but it’s a publicity office and every view, every upload arrives with the dream of being the next big collision. But again, it’s so seductive that most of these musicians aren’t always looking out to be played a million times and make it crassly on TV screens, they are running it on their own terms and nobody can deny their talent. That’s what they care about.

I have been craving to get a super fast Internet connection and try groping in these songs into my phone and not only because they are so awesome to be described but when they do make it big, bigger than our collective computer screens, I can turn back and stylishly say “I knew her before she won that Grammy. It was through this hidden, lovely part of YouTube…”.

(I will try coming out with a list of these artists I have raved about here, I will upload the videos too. I swear)

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