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Sunday, July 29, 2012

More to Shivah. (after Karraikal Ammaiyar and Akka Mahadevi)


The ghoul of Karaikal,

Wanders through clammy forest caves, chewing on cannabis and slurping his name.
Her body has finally been swallowed.
Just sockets of bones and a mouthful of blood.
And this disappearance is making her insanely happy,
She jangles her beads and toes over cymbals.
Maybe he is watching her too,


Silently crying.

(Image of Parvathy Baul. Equally divine mad beauty)


When I think of a man, it should be you.
It should be your eyes, that burn mountains to a singing flute
And give me a reason, to not touch anyone again.
How can I forget your arms that swill through the sky with a musky scent?

You make me grin through ears and my toes curl,
If I even think of loosing you.
But my man, teases me with a hidden smile and
Disappears before I can be relieved.



They tell me that I don’t belong here and
They have tried every way to fix my broken mistakes.
They wound me in a white cloth, wrote names over it to be read.
Streets ran over my head with fingers, they will push me on a throne when I succumb.

But I am still naked, my cloth has been torn.
I walk through raped cities that clatter a strange sermon,
I want to forget this language that comes with a thousand brackets,

I can only see you.

It’s not a blur.

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