This is our journey. And our love, will sail us through.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fire in that land.

(Artwork- me. Winged skeleton)

Missiles pump out of sunflowers. They wet your golden rings and it's juice flows down to your knees. You shimmer in dark fields like a neon board. Sky starts to scream fire, it pelts your shawl under the Peepal tree. Birds rustle to hide but whom are they kidding? Streaks of thin flames line up to their feathers and roast skeletons. Blots of acid leak from bird's beaks and saplings suck them in.

Ten thousand feet high trees shoot in a minute and roll in the sky fire. Imagine, just swathes of crimson over dry leaves. Gushing black smoke. You run along the branches. Dance under charred bones and your broken skull. One Goddess licks the wet soil. It has her babies, your dreams, all buried. So, the kiss has the made the difference. Fire fumes up into rain. Floods through the hellish gates. Headless doctors and stethoscopes meander into your tongue.

Put your arm around me, baby. Things couldn't have been worse.

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