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Monday, January 30, 2012

Song of a bare body

Lights tasted bitter on the hospital stretcher.

The smell of phenyl and Dettol swirled into your stomach
And you felt wriggling worms in your fingers.
You were there to be laid open like a specimen. People want to know that you are normal.
They want to check if your skin sweats profusely as theirs and if your breasts can lactate.
They want to peep into your underwear. What is that you are hiding?

They want to check if you have an unnatural body.

But you writhe under your skin, boiling venom.
You think of the happiness that you once had.
You dream of the flittering smoke that drifted above your head. You splash the lost giggles on your wrists.
You dream of love and you breathe.
You breathe. Breathe.
Waiting to be freed. Think of pink saris and smiling gods. Turmeric in the air. Festive bells.
You stare obliquely at the wall clock. It tells you that the inspection is over.
The doctor has removed his rubber gloves and he tells you put back your shirt.
A whiff of faded perfumed hits you as button yourself.
Its the same shirt your mother gifted.
The same mother who is waiting to know your psychiatric reports. You think of graveyards and raped corpses.
You chew on your anger slowly, the people outside are waiting to see you again.
These people love to witness drama and especially when its about a body like yours.
You are an outlaw. Some cryptic code, that must be deciphered.
You pass their sight like a creature. One of them grabs your hand, you stare mildly into another direction.
But something calms you....
Maybe its the awareness of your own strength. Your third eye that has been left open.
Or knowing that

There nothing is to lose anymore.

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