This is our journey. And our love, will sail us through.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tell me you are here to stay.

You hooked up only for now, you made a disclaimer even before you kissed me
And I understand that there is nothing
You are going to miss about me and like my mother; you will accuse me of being irrational.
There is not much time we gave each other to miss, not many
Secrets or doodles exchanged. You scanned my books lined up in a corner
And were confused by Amrita Pritam and Butler to be on the same shelf, you looked at
The dresses that lay stacked up like anesthesiad corpses and they suddenly talk.
With their lips to your eyes.
When their bust is found in the dark rooms where we have always and only met. The Laces have been taken off ruthlessly and then I wonder what to explain the tailor, when He sees the scratches on the trousers.
There is nothing I have asked from you till now...
Apart from your body that squirms in me like a banshee and not that we didn’t like it…
The muscular pain of shoulders and the inexplicable knots in legs.
That reminded me of baby snakes let loose in a mesh and they cannot move anymore because they have
My veins, these bones and this blood to confront.
I cannot let myself be so disregarded. I am usually not forgettable.
But I don’t worry about being quirky and “unconventional” in your eyes.
I don’t care if my debate about trans identities is making sense to you. But I do think if my sight is making any any any sort of word-filled meaning in your heart (not mind).
Will you leave this room and look at the Shiva on my wall..
And go around fluffing the tale of your “fetish” conquest.
You fucked a transgirl and I know the lingo you would fret. The tgirl, transies or are you preferring shemale?
Maybe you go back to your girlfriend and she will not think you cheated, because it was
Drunken fun and nothing serious and after all, it was a trans girl. Not a real girl.
She is such an innocent, wicked (like you are) girl then but I am not your vamp. I don’t wish to figure anywhere.
Your world is different and you can be there. Just the way you want.
If you are leaving, tell me that you will miss me someday at least because I usually do
And you feel I am not the “missing” kinds.
At least miss my hands or my mouth
Or else tell me that you are here to stay.

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