This is our journey. And our love, will sail us through.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Old vignettes of a mysterious girl.

Crushing, wailing and smiling
Crushing, slapping and smiling...
Are your daily ambitions. The grind of fistful emotions
Being repeated listlessly every... single
How long has it been that you have experienced
Something that has exalted your madness
And made you oblivious of everything that surrounds.
That is the only suffocation you have hunted..
The only feeling you have yearned. But nothing has detached
You from the rasp of monotony. Your lover (she is deceased), your painting, your poetry and your womanhood..
Would you leave the surreal thoughts down on a wooden plank
And let them be devoured by termites. Might be, just might be
Its wasted skin peels have the energy to evoke you again.
You can burn them along with turmeric and drink it
In bowls of terracotta.. imagery seems beautiful to you.
So, you want to fly again in this maze.
Be sucked, juiced amongst dry stones.....

Syringes, smoke and leaves..
These drugs are a bit too common now.

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